ionicPlus Patch - A must-have for your healthy family!

Boost your immune system & detoxify your body without any potential side effects, ionicPlus Patch is a must-have for your healthy family!

Skin is the largest organ of human body. Our skin provides a large surface area for nutrients absorption, making transdermal a favourable route for many medications & nutritional supplement in the modern days. Transdermal preparation has gained popularity in the recent years also owing to its ability to achieve localized effect, minimizing side effects & other concerns arising from the systemic route of administration (orally consumed) of the oral form of preparation

ionicPlus Patch - A Modern Fusion Of Modern Energy & Ancient Herbs

ionicPlus is a proprietary blend of herbs such as; germanium, Korean red ginseng, and marine phytoplankton which work together to provide a natural and easy to use solution to many common ailments as well as to restore the balance of your bodily function. Boost your immune system & detoxify your body without any potential side effects, ionicPlus Patch is a must-have for your healthy family!

What is in ionicPlus?

Korean Ginseng

Korean ginseng has gained its popularity since the ancient time due to its valuable saponin contents. With 36 different types of saponin & high mineral content, Korean ginseng effectively enhances immune functions & replenishes vitality with its anti-fatigue effect.

Another benefit of Korean ginseng that is worth noting is its potent anti-inflammatory effect, which is shown to improve various inflammatory marker such as C-reactive protein in human bodies.

Marine Phytoplankton

The inner layer of ionicPlus patch is made up of marine phytoplankton. Marine phytoplankton is a one-cell plant, with its size favourable enough to allow optimal absorption into human bodies. Also recognized as a superfood, marine phytoplankton contains more than 90 nutrients that human bodies need & is the organisms that provide the earth with over 90% of its oxygen.

Marine phytoplankton contains 9 essential amino acid for cell repair, omega-3 fatty acids to combat inflammation, and many other vitamins & minerals to support body functions.

Elemental Germanium

The exterior layer of ionicPlus patch is impregnated with elemental germanium derived from Korean ginseng. This is a natural earth mineral with a very special ability to generate energy waves from your own body heat. This special ability enables it to deliver energy directly into our body, reaching deep into muscles, bones & tissues.

Its far infrared (FIR) provides anti-inflammatory effect, enhances immune system, and is able to suppress the growth of certain cancerous cells. Besides, FIR promotes blood circulation in the body, which then improves also lymphatic circulation which helps to strengthen many bodily functions as well as detoxifies the body.

Silver Ion

Being a natural earth mineral, silver has potent antimicrobial activities, which is helpful in many skin conditions such as skin infection, allergies & inflammation. It is non-sensitising, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin, and has the potential to enhance wound healing.

A safe & effective solution to various ailments

· General Health Maintenance

· Flu/sinusitis

· Cough/sore throat

· Acute pain/muscle discomfort

· Poor circulation

· Skin conditions

· Stomach discomfort / digestive issues

· Period cramp

· Headache

· After sports recovery

· Varicose veins

Common Points Of Application

· Cervical spine

· Lumbar spine

· Sole

· Stomach

· Affected area for skin issues

· Nose bridge for flu or sinusitis

· Affected area for muscle soreness post-exercise

Tips & Reminders

· One patch can last from 24-48 hours

· For optimal effect, drink a cup of warm water upon application

· It can be worn to shower

· Apply on a flat, clean & dry surface of the skin

· For open wound, cover the wound with a wound dressing, followed by ionicPlus patch to protect the wound from re-opening during removal

· Used ionicPlus patch can be cut into small pieces and added to soil as a natural fertilizers for plants.

Eleen Sim

Pharmacist Consultant