BonPlus is a bone care product with scientific laboratory tests. It consists of 8 natural extracted premium ingredients which promote bone and joint health.


Fat-free and cholesterol-free with no artificial chemicals or preservatives, the goodness of BonPlus is in powder form and packaged in an easily digestible form. 


BonPlus is scientifically proven to maintain bone, teeth and joint health, ease joint pain, prevent osteoporosis, improve bone density, improve digestive system and anti- inflammation effects.


Suitable For: 

Children | Teenagers | Adults and Elderly | Pregnant Women


Serving Direction

1-2 sachet daily


Pour the content under the tongue for better results.



Aquamin™, Yestimun® Beta Glucan, Soy Powder, Turmeric, Colostrum, Collagen type 2, Probiotic, Fruit enzyme



BonPlus 1box 30 sachets, BonPlus 2box 60 sachets, BonPlus 3box 90 sachets, BONPLUS 4BOX 120 SACHETS, BONPLUS 5BOX 150 SACHETS, BONPLUS 6BOX 180 SACHETS, Bonplus Experience Package 14 sachets, Bonplus Starter Package 7sachets

3 reviews for BonPlus Bone Care Essence 钙世强骨精

  1. Lee Hui Vinix


  2. Jess Tan

    Fast delivery! I had try almost a week, seriously can feel some different after consuming! especially old people like us, need more calcium for our bone.
    Good product quality

  3. Tong Tzexing

    I would say this is awesome, nice to drink and easy to carry anywhere. Bought it for mom cz she usually have knee pain and it helps in reduce the soreness, and relax the muscle. Will recommend this to my mom friend too!

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